Bringing Buyers and Sellers together


If you are buying a business,we will work with you from the very beginning to understand your interest in purchasing a business, educate you about the buying process, and prepare you to negotiate with sellers. We have access to a database of businesses for sale and are able to connect you with businesses that match your unique desires, interests, and purchasing abilities.


We will work with you throughout the selling process to assist you with the sale and maximize your business’s value.
Working with us will take some of the work of selling out of your hands, so that you can continue to run your business and make sure it remains profitable until the time of sale. Initially, we will meet with you to learn about your business and discuss your goals and reasons for selling. This discussion helps us to create a strategic marketing plan.
Using various channels, we will advertise your business, giving it maximum exposure to the most qualified buyers.
Valuation of your business can be a tricky process, but we have the data and experience to get an accurate valuation of your business while also finding ways to increase its value.
Perhaps most importantly, we will ensure that the sale remains confidential.Screening buyers to make sure they are serious and qualified before sharing further information about your business.

Business Broking – 4 Steps to sell your business

Initial Contact

Meet onsite. Inspect premises and settle on selling price. Sign sales contract.


Produce sales document. List on all major business sites.


Agree on sales price. Receive deposit into trust. Inform all legal parties of intent.


Agree, receive and sign official contracts. Organise hand over day.

Don’t share your business sensitive data, without proper safeguards

Do you have the time to talk to prospective buyers, organise visits, negotiate deal, engage lawyers and finalise contracts

As a business owner you appreciate the skills and knowledge you need to work effectively. Do you have the skills and systems in place to successfully transact your business sales?